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   Image Magician
More about Image Magician >>> Image Magician is a way to make an unlimited amount of beautiful and photo realistic graphic images in a minimal amount of time. The main random seed algorithm placed into the heart of Image Magician allows to receive the different images almost every second. You may make skins and icons for your favorite programs, seamless backgrounds and buttons for your web page, advertising banners, textures for 3d-world, even create an animation and video effects, plus much much more. Also the program includes advanced batch processing tool which will help you automatically impose enormous amount of effects on group of your graphic files.
More about ImageFlow >>> ImageFlow is easy to use texture maker which accurately stitches images into seamless patterns. The program will be useful for creating website backgrounds, program skins and original wallpapers, also it may be used in 3D modelling. Moreover, the application contains built-in graphic editor and commands for image correction on scanned and processed images.
   Script Helper
More about Script Helper >>> Script Helper is an automation tool that will help you to make all files work much easier and faster. With a special user defined script you may pack, unpack, rename, copy, delete, execute or set attributes to thousand files by one mouse click. All daily requirements will be more productive and will increase your free time by hundreds percents.
More about MacroMaker >>> MacroMaker is a program what will help you to save huge amount of precious time performing all simple computer work without your participation. The original algorithm integrated into MacroMaker allows recording all actions of the mouse and keyboard then subsequently reproduce them as though you work on a workplace. Also the program may be used for creation of visual tutorials and presentations.
More about SaverGen >>> SaverGen is a screen saver with millions various graphics patterns and effects which indefinitely flow among themselves permanently changing the color graphic palette. Illusion of fantastic world at each start will take off a weariness collected for all the day. You may enter a name of your company, wish or congratulation what will be imposed over the effect, also available the time mode. The program may be used as advertising of your shop or office.
   TextureGen (Freeware)
More about TextureGen >>> TextureGen is the unique program for creating various textures. The basic algorithm placed into the heart of TextureGen allows to get practically unlimited quantity of complex textures in a minimal amount of time.

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